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Tecnología Veterinaria

General Information

The Bachelor in Veterinary Technology Program prepares students to become Veterinary Technologists. The program provides the future professional with the knowledge and specific skills necessary in the field of veterinary technology, and helps develop those skills necessary to successfully practice in the field. It is also expected that, through coordination with other programs, a significant contribution to animal disease prevention be made in benefit to the Puerto Rican society.

This is a four-year program in which students study the first two years at any accredited university and the last two years at the Medical Sciences Campus. Upon completion of all requirements, students receive the degree of Bachelor of Sciences in Veterinary Technology.

By means of innovative practices and an interdisciplinary approach, the program prepares veterinary technologists who have a genuine commitment to their profession. The graduate of the Veterinary Technology Program will demonstrate the skills in the techniques required for maintaining the health of animals. As a veterinary technologist, the graduate of the program will be prepared to play an important role in human health care by safeguarding food-producing animals and by controlling animal diseases that may affect humans.

The Veterinary Technology Program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association since 1995.

Between July 30, 2011 and June 30, 2014, of the 36 eligible first time candidates graduated from the Program, only one (1) first time candidate has taken the Veterinary Technician National Examination, VTNE. VTNE is not required to practice veterinary technology in Puerto Rico. VTNE passing rate thus far is 0%.During the same time period, of the 36 eligible first time candidates graduated from the program, 10 first time candidates have taken the Puerto Rico Veterinary Technology Board offered by Junta Examinadora de Medicos Veterinarios de Puerto Rico with a 59% approval rate. PR Veterinary Technology Board approval is the only requirement to practice veterinary technology in Puerto Rico.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must meet the following requirements:
· Two years of general courses and basic sciences are required as stated below. For specific courses within each subject, please contact the program.

Required Courses

English 6 Semester Credit - Hours
Spanish 6 Semester Credit - Hours
Social Sciences 6 Semester Credit - Hours
General Biology 6 Semester Credit - Hours
Organic Chemistry 8 Semester Credit - Hours
Pre-Calculus 4 Semester Credit - Hours
General Physics 8 Semester Credit - Hours
Statistics 3 Semester Credit - Hours
Electives 9 Semester Credit - Hours
General Chemistry 8 Semester Credit - Hours
Total 64 Semester Credit - Hours

· Grade point average of at least 2.00 in all required courses.
· Obtain a grade point average of at least 2.00 in science and mathematics courses.
· Interview with faculty members.
· Fluency in Spanish and knowledge and comprehension of English.

Microbiology courses are recommended. Applicants must have completed the required 64 credits or finish the requirements during the summer preceding the beginning of the program.

Course Descriptions

(Please click here to download the course descriptions in PDF format)

Informative Sheet

(Please click here to download the Informative Sheet of the Program)

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must:
· Obtain a grade point average of at least 2.00 .
· Complete the program’s 130 credits-hours.
· Complete the degree within 5 years.

Program Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Rivera
Dr. Melween Martínez
Dr. José Vientos
Prof. Carlos Ortiz
Prof. Ivette Medina
Prof. Luis Javier Santiago

Physical Address

Medical Center Complex
Monacillo Area, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico

Medical Sciences Campus Main Building, 10thFloor, Office #1060


Director 758-2525, ext. 1051
Secretary 758-2525, ext. 1051- 1022
Fax 250-0536

Professional Links

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Journals of Veterinary Professions

Care for Animals

Last Modified: 10/07/2015

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