First center of higher education at the forefront in the training of health professionals, with specialized academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, unique in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and recognized at national level. Educates comprehensively health professionals with the competencies for leadership and to effectively perform their respective roles and functions. Committed to academic excellence, research, interdisciplinary community service and continuing education.



Recognized school as a leader in the comprehensive training of health professionals, committed to innovation in health care, the creation of new knowledge and its transfer to the improvement of health and quality of life of the society in general.



Excellence is reflected in all the management of teaching, research and service in the institutional, professional and social level. It requires a continuous improvement process to the benefit of the people it serves. Demand self-criticism, freedom, creativity and innovation to meet the various roles, obligations and actions. It involves applying new knowledge and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in health sciences, education and service. Enables the changes necessary to promote and disseminate best practices in health care.

Dignity by recognizing the value of human beings as unique, to understand and foster their development in the physical, mental, social and spiritual realm. It is reflected by empathy and respect for self and others.

Integrity to meet the highest ethical principles, standards and professional values. It involves the use of power judiciously and honesty to recognize the limits of professional expertise.

Prudence in the ability to govern and discipline himself by using reason and emotion management yes. It involves use of restraint, discretion, judgment, modesty, premeditation, book and wisdom to respond reflexively and deal with various situations in university life.

Social responsibility through commitment to serve and advocate for social, environmental, health and welfare needs of internal and external community. Community volunteerism and commitment and acceptance of cultural, ethnic, religious and gender diversity is encouraged.

Altruism requires selflessly seek the general welfare of university constituents and society in general. It is reflected by actions and attitudes such as commitment, sensitivity, dedication, compassion, respect and solidarity, putting professional responsibilities to personal needs. Viable equity in health services to the general population.